WorkSchedule.Net Roadmap

Please note that this roadmap is subject to change at any time.


Developer API

Allows developers to connect the WorkSchedule.Net software to third parties for the purposes of exchanging data.

Partial sign up

Allows employees to sign up for partial shifts, provided the permission allows it. 

Daily Coverage Report

A report that lists the employees as rows, and breaks down the day into 15, 30, or 60 minute increments showing as columns across to the right. Each cell of the report shows either filled in or not, depending on whether or not the employee is working during that time period. At the bottom of each column the report shows a count of how many users are scheduled, needed, and the difference. This will be a more enhanced version of the daily coverage report that exists in Version 8 now.

Availability / Automation Preference Rule: Schedule employees who prefer to work first

This feature allows employees to give their preference to work in their My Availability area to indicate whether they prefer to work, or prefer not to work for a specific time period, as in Version 8.

Export to Quickbooks Pro

Allows export of attendance information to Quickbooks as an IIF file, as in Version 8.

Manage Users: Dropdown filter for Home Department

Allows administrators with access to filter the employees in the users list by their assigned Home Department, as in Version 8.

Open Shift Alerts

Send out alerts automatically to all users when shifts are opened up on the schedule, as in Version 8.

Date Default for Adding Time Blocks

When adding a time block to a cell WorkSchedule.Net will default the date to the date of the cell that the add was invoked from.

Selection of a row or column

Although you can select a row or column by drawing a rectangle, this can be inconvenient when trying to select a long row or column.  This feature will bring back the ability (as in Version 8) to select an entire row or column from the left or top (respectively).

Ability to copy to a date

Currently in Version 9, in the calendar areas you can copy to a cell but not a column (a date), as you could in Version 8. This has the effect of forcing the copied time blocks to change property values depending on the sort, unless you are sorted by Start Hour (ie., Start Time).  This update will allow you to copy to a column (date) as you could in Version 8.