Version 9 Beta Test Participant Information

New Customers (with no v8 account)


Thanks for your interest in being a beta tester for the new WorkSchedule.Net! The next generation of WorkSchedule.Net is version 9 and it is a major overhaul of the previous version. WorkSchedule.Net v9 now has a sleek, new, modernized user interface, much improved security, full-featured mobile app, and much more!

Upon your request here and our approval, you will be beta testing the new WorkSchedule.Net system, version 9, both standard and mobile web applications.


Approved participants in the beta test of the new WorkSchedule.Net will be sent invites by email with a link to setup a new account. Using the provided link, participants will give some basic information and follow the brief steps to set up their new company accounts.


In the WorkSchedule.Net v9 accounts, participants will have the option of using the application for either real world production or as a “sandbox” (test only). In Company Settings and in the Setup Wizard there is an option to turn on or off “Sandbox Mode”.  With Sandbox Mode on, a notice will show throughout the application at the top of each page (including the mobile app) and in all messages stating that the system is not real world but is for test only.  This will allow you to test freely with other users and avoid confusion about scheduling that is real vs. for test purposes.


You will also be beta testing the new full-featured mobile app from a mobile browser at Although this is technically a mobile “web site”, the installable mobile app is virtually identical, and therefore the mobile web site edition will suffice to beta test the app. You can create a shortcut icon for this link to have easier access.


Participants may be required to respond to surveys that will be sent from time to time, and to give general feedback on the WorkSchedule.Net v9 application. Please use the home page in your beta company account to send bug reports, enhancement requests, and general feedback. You can expect no more than one survey per month, and no more than 20 questions per survey.


Although you may use this in production, be aware that this service has not been fully tested. You could lose data, scheduled shifts could not appear to employees, pages may crash, downtime may occur for extended periods, etc. Do not use this service in production for any environment for which a failure of the WorkSchedule.Net application could result in damage of any kind to your organization or anyone.


The WorkSchedule.Net Beta system may be brought down at random times and for extended periods for updates or to reconfigure servers, etc.  If you are uptime sensitive, this beta application would not be advised for a production environment.


Documentation for WorkSchedule.Net v9 is generally complete, although there are a few less critical areas not yet covered as of the beginning of this beta period. During the beta period documentation will be revised to accommodate changes, as well as to clarify more nuanced functionality and will extend to some additional topics.