Here's what customers are saying about WSDN...

The employee scheduling software at Work Schedule Dot Net has been the most helpful and important feature added to my business in the last few years. I have saved myself hundreds of hours of labor time working on schedules. Employees have almost no occurrence of schedule confusion or missed shifts. We can track sick days and all time off with ease. Plus the benefit of employee login accounts has actually made Taste Budd's Cafe the preferred establishment of employment in our area.

Dan Budd, Taste Budd's Cafe

Work Schedule Dot Net has been a great success for our business. We started an outbound call center from scratch, and we needed help keeping up with all the new interviewers and new projects we had coming in. We tried manual systems and some other schedule programs, but Work Schedule Dot Net was easily the best option. We've since doubled the size of our call center, and keeping track of schedules is no longer an issue."

Rusty Parker, The Shapiro Group

WorkSchedule.Net has streamlined our scheduling needs into one easy to use web application. The administrators are extremely helpful and have always promptly addressed [any] technical issues or service specific needs. The pricing is the best on the market and the flexibility and numerous options make this product a "no brainer" for any service looking to ease scheduling woes. Thanks... for making my job easier!"

Ron Sigismonti, Jr. Longwood Fire Company

Work Schedule Dot Net has simplified our scheduling. It provides a live version of the schedule, which staff can access 24/7 from any computer with internet access. The ability for staff to request days off and set their own availability has been a huge improvement over our old way.

Joey Cullen, Hospitality and Concessions Supervisor, Elmhurst Park District

We have been using WorkSchedule.Net for more than a year now and it is truly fool proof. We manage more than 250 hours a day and know exactly which staff person is with which client at all times. Because we run a 24/7 business, being able to access the system easily from any computer is critical. The team at WorkSchedule.Net also worked with us to customize some interfaces to allow their system to integrate with our time and attendance system, resulting in even more scheduling efficiencies than we've ever had before. I highly recommend this team!"

Sherry Franklin, Heavenly Caregivers

WorkSchedule.Net has been one of the best tools to reliably service our growing business for both employees and management. It is customizable and is everything needed to easily [handle] all aspects of scheduling and payroll. You have happily supported us every time we call with a solution and oftentimes a creative suggestion. I would enthusiastically recommend WorkSchedule.Net to any company and look forward to seeing the new version."

Michel Cohen, Tribeca Pediatrics

WorkSchedule.Net has made my business efficient and employees accountable for their time. I do not know what I would have done without this service. Thank you WorkSchedule.Net."

Jefrey S. Schultz, Insight Protection Services

We manage a few dozen private security accounts and a few more seasonal accounts so we have lots of part-time employees and a high turnover of part time employees. Managing 400 hours a week would be impossible for us and would be lost without WorkSchedule.Net. Even though we haven't even begun to use all the tools and automation features we would rate WorkSchedule.Net a 5 out of 5 stars. Highly Recommend!"

Charlie Deckert, ATX Protection & Investigations

Work Schedule Dot Net has great support and a simple to use online scheduling program. All my employees can access their schedules online and get notified of changes immediately. Work Schedule Dot Net takes the guess work out of creating a work schedule. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to take advantage of online work scheduling."

Blake R. Malo, EMS Coordinator, Mauiscape Helicopters

The scheduling process has been simplified and is demonstrably more efficient using WSDN. WSDN has given our employees greater control over their own schedules and significantly lowered our maintenance costs."

Brad Nankerville, Franklin & Marshall College, Center for Opinion Research

In 2004 when looking for an online or software solution to my scheduling and payroll needs I came across Work Schedule Dot Net. I spoke with [a representative] about the features and pricing and found that it offered the features I needed and was quite reasonably priced. In radio we are staffed 24/7 with holidays and need to have plenty of flexibility when it comes to our schedule and Work Schedule Dot Net gives me plenty of flexibility to set a template and change things as we go. Thanks to the guys at Work Schedule Dot Net I can leave the hours of schedule creating up to the computer!"

Rich McFadden, Director of Operations and Programming, Radio America Network

Visual Audio Captioning began using Work Schedule in 2006, and it has proven to be everything we hoped for and more. The Work Schedule staff has worked to understand our business and meet our needs. Some of the benefits Visual Audio Captioning has enjoyed as a result of this relationship include the following. Our captioners and schedule coordinators who are located across the U.S. have real-time access to our fluid broadcast schedule 24/7. We are able to electronically ensure our team members are in place and ready to go prior to each broadcast, saving us labor hours. Our reconciliation of schedules and payroll items has been simplified, saving our staff significant labor hours."

Tammie Shedd, Visual Audio Captioning

WorkSchedule.Net is a great scheduling application for our educators. We used to use an old paper calendar here in the office but with our teachers traveling all over the state we needed to change. WorkSchedule.Net has allowed us to quickly and efficiently schedule our educators for numerous departments and still be accessible to them wherever they are."

Greg Mancari, School Programs Reservationist, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

WorkSchedule.Net has helped allow our business to grow as we have been able to more effectively manage our intense staffing needs. WorkSchedule.Net has also improved our staff management by placing more of the responsibility of scheduling on the staff, allowing our management team to focus more on developing staff. The time and effort saved on scheduling and managing our part-time staffing needs is invaluable." "

Chris Hastings, Position Chicago Sport and Social